Vienna, Austria

Friday, June 6, 2014

Filling in the gaps . . . 

The cruise ended on Wednesday, June 4th. Everyone had to be off the ship by 8:30 AM so there was a lot of hustle and bustle. I got ready, grabbed a quick bite in the dining room, hugged my cabin-mate goodbye and headed to the port to find Stan.

Considering this was my very first cruise, I think I did pretty well.  Ha! Ha! I had no idea what to expect or how to plan. My friends (Bill and Diane) absolutely love cruising and now I can see why. I was very fortunate to have sweet Kris for a cabin-mate. It would have been a very long 12 days if I had been stuck in close quarters with someone I didn’t connect with. LOL. But thankfully, everything went smoothly and I’m sure we will be life-long friends. Bonus!

Stan met me at the ship and we headed off to the airport. We flew from Barcelona to Vienna and arrived at our hotel about 3:00. The first order of business was LAUNDRY … Lots of it!

On Thursday, I stayed in my room and caught up on email, bills, the blog and uploaded photos. I literally did not leave my room until dinner. The day was over-cast and cool so I didn’t feel too bad taking a day to catch up.  Stan and I were in Vienna two years ago so Vienna isn’t totally new to us.

Today, I stayed in again but this time it was because I came down with a cold. One of the girls in our group was sick the final days of the cruise so perhaps I got what she had. It stinks! Boo! 

Double Boo! 

I was determined not to miss the concert tonight so I stayed in and tried to relax. I soaked in the tub for awhile and tried to nap. 

This evening we took a train into the city and walked around a little. Stan showed me the building where we would be attending the concert.  I never grow tired of looking at beautiful mouldings, columns, and overall detail in architecture. Vienna is so beautiful! (I posted lots of photos in this blog my last visit in 2012 so you can check that out if you want to see more.) We did some window shopping, had dinner and then headed to the Sacher Hotel to have one of their famous tortes for dessert.
Vienna, Austria

That’s a mighty big shoe!

I’ll take it!

I found my hat for the next Annual Hat Party!
A must in Vienna.

Stan took one bite, I ate the rest!

The highlight of the evening was the concert at the Vienna Musikverein in the Golden Hall performed by the Vienna Mozart Orchestra. The program included Mozart’s most popular pieces and the members of the orchestra dressed in full costume! 

Ceiling panel in the lobby.

Ceiling in the lobby.

Golden Hall

Happy girl!


At night.

Tomorrow is a travel day. I still have to pack!

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