Travel Day

Saturday, June 7, 2014

I dislike travel days because that means packing . . . but I like travel days because I always look forward to the next place on the itinerary!  The great thing about cruising is you go to a new destination every day without having to pack.

Today was a looooog day.

A long, long day.

I stayed up late to pack and had to get up very early to catch the bus to the airport. There was no time for breakfast. We took a bus from the hotel in Vienna to the airport; a plane to Switzerland; and another plane to Milan.  

In Milan, we had a hard time figuring out which train we needed to take to Lake Como. We hopped on one train, but before it pulled out of the station, we realized we were on the wrong train. Stan went and asked the person at the ticket counter and we were directed to another train on a different track.  We schlepped all our luggage to the other track and second-guessed ourselves thinking that the original train was probably the right one after-all.  We schlepped our luggage back to the original track, re-boarded the train and then, just to be sure, asked someone who looked like a station manager. He said we needed to be on a different train on  the other track so we schlepped our luggage back to the other track. By then, we had missed the train.

Oh, bananas!

We asked again, checked the internet, checked again just be sure and THIS time we got on the correct train on the correct track.


All of this would have been fine except I was fighting a miserable cold and neither one of us had eaten.

We finally made it to Lake Como two trains later and caught a bus to our hotel.  I just HAD to video the ride on the bus because the roads are really narrow and our bus took up a lane-and-a-half. The driver was really sweet and his two daughters were along for the ride. The youngest one was talking away to her Dad and he patiently responded to all her comments while trying to concentrate on the road.

When we finally arrived at our hotel we were very happy to be there.  First stop was the restaurant where I was warmly greeted by the wait staff. Apparently everyone remembered us from our visit in 2012.
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