A Day In Bellagio

Oh, I love Bellagio.

There is something about these little towns along Lake Como that has captured my heart. I can’t count how many times I have said to Stan, “It’s so beautiful.” In spite of fighting a cold and a migraine, I feel so peaceful and content here.

Today was a strolling day.

We strolled to breakfast.

We strolled through the gardens.

We strolled through town.

I love strolling days! Why don’t I have strolling days at home?

Come walk with me and enjoy Bellagio . . .

Our first stop was the Villa Melzi Garden. At the beginning of the 18th century, Francesco Melzi d’Eril, Count of Lodi and Vice President of the First Italian Republic during the time of Napoleon, built a summer residence in Bellagio.  His taste for neo-classical architecture was influenced by Napoleonic France which is very evident in the Villa.  A park was added to the grounds which includes winding paths, Egyptian sculptures, Roman statues, exotic trees and a beautiful Japanese water lily pond surrounded by Japanese maples. Behold:

Is there room for one more?
Oh, it’s nothing . . . just a summer villa!
My sunbrella matches the flowers.
I was twirling my sunbrella.

Stan’s shirt matches the maples!

After the gardens, we headed to town for some lunch, gelato, pictures and window shopping.

The streets of Bellagio.
Bright paint schemes. It just works here.
Bright pink house with pink flowers in the yard.
Flowers, flowers, flowers.

Sidewalk cafes are the norm in Europe.

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