The Stained Glass of Notre-Dame

I sure am enjoying the leisurely pace of my life in Paris! 

I shared with Stan this morning that I believe I was meant to have a palace in the Parisian countryside and spend lazy summers reading intriguing novels, sipping cool lemonade, and riding horseback along meandering rivers. And every Saturday I should be attending formal balls wearing beautiful evening gowns and dancing in the arms of a man in uniform (or Fred Astaire). Don’t you think?

Shhh. Don’t wake me.

My mother always shakes her head at my romanticism, but I can’t help it! I take after my father . . . my earthly father AND my precious Heavenly Father.  He is, after all, the most romantic being I know.  One of my favorite worship songs goes like this:

Divine Romance, by Phil Wickham

The fullness of Your grace is here with me 
The richness of Your beauty is all I see 
The brightness of Your glory has arrived 
In Your presence God, I’m completely satisfied 

For You – I sing, I dance 
I rejoice in this divine romance 
I lift my heart and my hands 
To show my love, to show my love 

Today we returned to Notre-Dame because I wanted to see the inside of the cathedral. The stained glass was beautiful. After walking around for awhile, we stopped at Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. Eating at Hard Rock is one of our traditions – we try to find one in every city we visit.

On the subway in Paris.


My name on the walls of Notre-Dame!

City Hall, Paris

Me and my sunbrella strolling the streets of Paris.

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