The French Riviera

Am I here?

Ya’ll, if I’m dreaming, don’t wake me!

All my life I have heard about the world’s most prestigious and publicized Cannes Film Festival and about all the movie stars flocking here to attend. And now, I’m in Cannes! 

Yesterday (Saturday) we bid farewell to Italy and crossed the border into France. It was a pretty drive and the weather was beautiful . . . maybe a little too hot in the afternoon. We got checked in to the hotel and then had lunch on the patio.  The rest of the day was mellow. I stayed indoors in the afternoon to escape the heat and later had dinner overlooking the Promenade de la Croisette (the main boulevard) doing one of my favorite past-times – people watching.  My oh my. There are certainly a lot of beautiful people in Cannes this weekend!

The first thing I realized is that “white” is the uniform this season. White dresses, white pants, white jackets, white hats, white scarves . . . and even the classic little black dress has been replaced with the little white dress.

For him.

For her.

This part of the city has a Beverly Hills / Las Vegas / Miami vibe. The main boulevard stretches along the shore of the Mediterranean Sea and expensive shops, restaurants and hotels line the street. We are staying at the Marriott and thanks to Stan’s points, we do not have to pay the asking price of 700 Euros per night. Yay! Big Yay!

JW Marriott in Cannes, France.

Promenade de la Croisette.

Cannes, France.
This morning I got up early and went out to take pictures before the crowds, traffic, and topless sunbathers come out. (This is a G rated blog!) Stan saw an older woman sunbathing topless yesterday and he said that cured him! LOL. Later today we are going to go to Nice to check it out.

Beach in front of our hotel.

Our hotel in the background on the right.
I love the color of the water. You can see to the bottom.

The Carlton is up the street from us and I loved the detail on this building. You know I always check out the architecture.

Carlton Intercontinental.

Carlton Hotel.

I love the detail on this building.

Big yachts and fast cars.

P.S.  I am adding this at the end of the day (Sunday). We did not make it to Nice today afterall. We ended up staying in Cannes. We had a relaxing dinner at the hotel with a view of the sea and the boulevard. Tomorrow we leave for Monaco – just a hop, skip and a jump away.

Dinner in Cannes, France.
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