Shiodome – Moving East

Monday was a moving day.
Moving day means I have to pack up all my stuff, schlep it, and transfer to a new hotel. I’m usually not ready to switch locations but I always look forward to seeing what’s next.
I dislike the packing part. My stuff seems to expand and get heavier every time I re-pack it. How does that work? And Stan dislikes the schlepping part because he ends up carrying not only his stuff, but some of mine as well! LOL.

Breakfast at the hotel before moving to east side of Tokyo.


Anywho, we arrived at our next destination which was the Conrad Hilton on the east side of Tokyo! Yes indeedy-heedy! This is a luxury skyscraper hotel in the heart of the business district where all the beautiful people are. The hotel is an interesting blend of contemporary luxury with a touch of traditional Japanese culture. Our rooms were on the bay side; the view was beautiful.

Room at the Conrad Hilton, Tokyo

Lounge at the Conrad Hilton, Tokyo

We spent the afternoon in Asakusa, a neighboring city. Our goal was to find a specific spice shop so Stan could buy a gift for a friend. After that, we walked around the area and checked out the local vendors and street market.


Stan found his spice store.



At the end of the street we visited another shrine and I ran into three ladies dressed in traditional kimono.  They were so polite when I asked them if I could take a picture with them. The fabric on these kimonos was exquisite. The photo does not do justice.

Sensoji Temple

After a long day of walking, I decided to stay in and catch up on the blog. Here is the view I got to enjoy for the evening. Beautiful!


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  1. H.A. Pacheco-Schiavone
    H.A. Pacheco-Schiavone says:

    Well . . . food is always a challenge for me anyway since I'm a picky eater. Most dishes here have pork or seafood in them so I am limited in what I can eat. The American based hotels (Hilton) seem to cater to the American traveler so they offer western dishes that I can eat. Hey! maybe I'll lose a few pounds while I'm here, right! Bonus!

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