Final Day in Vienna

Today is Sunday. I am so glad that God’s continual presence is a promise. No matter where in the world I am!

Today was a mellow day. I was tired from all the excitement of the week but I still managed to drag Stan out very early this morning to take pictures in the softer morning light without all the crowds.  But when we got to the church, I realized I had forgotten to charge my camera battery! Bummer!  (Poor Stan.)  I did manage to get a few shots and then we returned to the hotel and had breakfast.

Later we ventured out again to see different areas we hadn’t seen yet and take a few more pictures. This time I realized I had forgotten to put my memory card back in my camera so I couldn’t shoot anything! Thank goodness Stan had his camera and he got some awesome panoramic shots which you will see below.  After lunch, I returned to the hotel to veg for awhile.

BTW – Stan has put together a checklist for me which he says he’s going to go over with me every time we leave the hotel from now on. LOL. I know my mother is rolling her eyes right now!

This picture was taken outside of Starbucks. As I passed by, I noticed these two little children sitting in their stroller leaning forward with their heads together, focusing intently on something.  I realized this young father was holding a phone that was playing a movie for his kids while he was surfing on his own phone with the other hand.  I got such a kick out of this I just had to get a picture! We have to have our media, don’t we? Even when we’re three!

Multi-tasking at it’s finest.
Loved this baby John Deere!
Vienna fashion.
The Sacher Hotel, Vienna
(Sister property to our hotel in Salzburg.)

The Rathaus is the City Hall in Vienna.  It was built between 1872 and 1883 in the Gothic style.

When the Parliament building was commissioned, it was decided that the building’s style should be classical Greek architecture since it is connected to the Ancient Greeks and the ideal of democracy. Construction on the Parliament building began in 1874 and was completed in 1883.
 The Parliament Building
The Parliament Building – Side

The Heldenplatz is the outer plaza of the Hofburg Palace and was built under the reign of Emperor Francis Joseph. The Library is the furtherest building on the right. On the plaza, there are two equestrian statues of Prince Eugene of Savor and Archduke Charles of Austria, who are remembered as great military leaders. It also houses Austria’s unknown soldier.
Helden Plaza and Library to the right


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