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BMW Welt
Today was the day we’ve been waiting for!  Today Stan picked up his new BMW M3 Coupe!

The first thing we had to do was figure out how to get from our hotel to the BMW plant on the subway.  I wasn’t worried because Stan is so good at figuring these things out. I could be of no assistance because reading German is very difficult.

Sign:   Hauptbahnhof

Me:    “Stan, are we getting on at Hopin Off? Doesn’t make sense.” (Followed by hilarious laughter because I think I’m funny.)

Stan:    Shakes head and tells me I’m silly.

It’s so nice not being in charge.  (Did I just say that?!)

Ticket to Olympiazentrum
which means Olympic Center
Look Mom! I’m not losing my stuff!
The BMW complex consists of the BMW Welt (World) which is the showroom where delivery is made, the BMW Museum, the BMW Group Headquarters, and the original plant where some models and BMW engines are made. The whole complex is quite impressive; a must see if you are ever in Munich.

We had a lovely, knowledgeable tour guide who spoke English with an adorable accent.  The tour of the plant took us through all areas of production: the Press Shop (where the metal is molded, cut and welded), the Body Shop (where all the body parts are put together by robots), the Paint Shop (fully automated and operated robotically), the Engine Shop, Production of Interior Equipment and Seats, the final Assembly Line (where I finally saw humans working on the cars), and the final Test and Inspection Area.  It was amazing to watch robots build a car!  The tour guide said the process is 97% automated and yet the plant employs 9,000 people from 50 countries.  Can you imagine? 

The  plant was SO clean and organized.  I kept wondering how they keep everything so clean when they are building 900 cars per day.   All I do is park my car in the garage and I can’t keep it that clean!

After the tour and lunch, it was finally time to meet Stan’s baby.  Below is a video of the car coming off the elevator, circling the delivery level and being staged for presentation and delivery to Stan.  Check it out.

Proud new owner.

Stan getting instructions.
H.A. watching Stan getting instructions.

After all the excitement we were ready for a relaxing dinner and some “non-German” fare.  We walked to the City Center area and had dinner at The Hard Rock Cafe.  The walk back was enchanting.  It was drizzling and thundering in the distance and there was a fresh, clean smell in the air.  The pubs and restaurants were filled with happy, noisy people and there were street musicians entertaining the crowds for a tip.  I loved the cobblestone streets and old buildings and I was so bummed I didn’t have my camera with me.

We came across this street sign and couldn’t figure out what it meant.  We decided it means moms cannot hold their child’s hand in this zone.  Stan said it is their version of “hands free”.

We decided this one means moms must hold their child’s hand between the hours of 10:15 and 22:30.

This country has some weird rules.

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