Today’s Activity – Shopping!
I only have one thing to share about shopping in Japan: After experiencing the level of customer service I received in stores today, it will be very difficult to be satisfied shopping anywhere else again.
Yes, it’s that excellent.
Or maybe their customer service is average and it just stands out as excellent when compared to the mediocre (at best) service we receive in the states.
Either way, I loved shopping in Japan. 
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  1. HM Perez
    HM Perez says:

    WOW! So many people, how long between lights for people and then cars. We barely make it across here in the states before it changes. Was that guy giving thanks??
    I knew you'd have a Shopping day!! It is so neat traveling through Japan with you. Stay safe!
    My bathroom is coming along very nice:)

  2. H.A. Pacheco-Schiavone
    H.A. Pacheco-Schiavone says:

    I know – crazy amounts of people here. I don't know how long the signals are, but somehow everybody gets across! ha! ha! I don't know what that guy was doing – he looked so funny.

    Shopping was a must. I love, love, love the clothes here! And the shoes! I got you something for your birthday!

    Glad your bathroom project is coming along nicely. Yay!

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