Munich, Germany 2012

Happy Father’s Day 2012 from Munich, Germany!
Last night Stan and I left Chicago for a 31-day European holiday! This trip is especially exciting for me because Stan made all the plans and arrangements and kept all the details a BIG secret so I have no idea where we are going. That is blind trust, my friends! I was told to limit my suitcase to ONE and given the date and time to show up at the airport.
For those who don’t know the background story, back in 2009 Stan told me he was going to buy a new BMW via the “European Delivery” program. He explained that he would be flying to Germany to tour the plant; pick up his car; drive it around for a few weeks; take it back to the plant and they would ship it home to California for him! “Wow! When do we leave?”  I asked.  We took that trip in June, 2009 and had a blast. 
Now, three years later he is trading his car in for a new one and we are doing it again! I never thought I would get to repeat the experience, much less so soon. How cool is that?

I’m hoping to chronicle our trip in this blog so friends and family (especially my mom) can follow along.  I am looking forward to seeing where I end up. I hope you enjoy touring the sites with us on the posts that follow.


I cannot describe how amazing our flight was! We were showered with service in first class on a Lufthansa flight. It was like flying in a living room.  When we boarded, we were greeted by the flight staff, there was a red rose on every seat, and from beginning to end we were spoiled rotten!  I take many flights between Los Angeles and Chicago every year on Southwest and may I just state the obvious? There is absolutely no comparison!
Just before dinner, my flight attendant brought me pajamas, slippers, a bathroom kit and a blanket and told me I could slip in to something more comfortable any time I liked.  After dinner she asked me if I would like her to wake me for breakfast or just let me sleep if I appear to be sleeping soundly.  Oh, my.
When I went to the bathroom to change, I was blown away that there was actually room to turn around, there was a full length mirror, make-up vanity lighting and my favorite, a window! Since I was the only female traveling in first class, I took my sweet time in “my” bathroom enjoying the view.

Did I mention my seat reclined (almost) flat into a bed?

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