Innsbruck, Austria

Hello from Innsbruck!  

Stan started off his day with a trip to the eye doctor.  His eye has been bothering him for a few days so today he finally decided to have it checked out.  The doctor said he has an eye infection, gave him some drops, and told him he could not wear his contacts today.  

We were originally going to take a day trip into Italy, but since Stan cannot see to drive, we just hung out in Innsbruck.  It was a relaxing day.

We ventured out for lunch, walked around the city center area, did a little shopping and hung out at the hotel in the afternoon.

In the evening, we had a great dinner in town and on the way home I came across this building and just had to take a few pictures.  I love the detail. The lighting is a little dark because the sun was setting.

Notice the roof line.

I bet the view from the inside is great.
The corner windows face three directions.

Love the detail.

This is one of the few buildings I have
seen where the detail is painted.

Tomorrow we leave for Switzerland. Hopefully Stan’s eye will be much better.
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