Come! Walk With Me


My last post was lots of words and no pictures. Today’s post is lots of pictures; and pictures are worth a thousand words.

Friday we did two things.

First, we visited the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. It was breathtakingly beautiful. I was enthralled, delighted, thankful, and at peace.

Then, we shopped until we finally collapsed into a booth for dinner, laden with many, many parcels. It was a great day!

Please . . . come walk with me on a carpet of blossoms. Enjoy!

Can you imagine laying on a blanket and looking up?
A carpet of blossoms.


This photo looks like one of those jigsaw puzzles we used to do as a family.


Blossoms on the water.


Different tree varieties.
An artist at work.
Reflections on the water.
Reflections. I love this photo.





Today was another shopping day, however, we did make one stop at a temple to see this torii path.








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