Today is Wednesday, June 18, 2014.

I am in Paris!

Yep! Paris, Baby! I don’t understand a word anyone is saying, but I’m happy to be here.

Today was an easy travel day.  We checked out of the apartment around 11:00 AM and took TWO buses to the train station. It was a little challenging to schlep suitcases on a crowded bus during work hours, but we did it. Actually, Stan carried most of the weight, but I was there for moral support:  

Me: [referring to MY large, heavy suitcase which Stan is carrying along with his own] Stan, do you want me to carry that? 
Stan: No, I got it. 
Me: Are you sure? 
Stan: Yeah, I got it. 
Me: Okay. 
Me: Stan, can you hold my drink for a second?
Stan: [reaching down deep for a little more patience] Sure.
Me: [laughing hysterically]
Stan: [shaking his head] Silly.

Bless his heart.  🙂

Half-way through our bus ride, Stan realized that the bus stop we were going to transfer at was “out-of-service” due to construction. 


He pulled out his trusty iPhone, verified the closure, did some quick research, found another transfer point and voila! we were back on track. We avoided all the confusion plus extra schlepping.

I’m so grateful.

Two years ago we crossed the English Channel from Paris to London on Eurostar, and this time we crossed back over from London to Paris. We’ve come full circle.  The train ride is only 2-1/2 hours, and we had nice comfortable seats, so the trip was easy-peasy.  I still can’t believe we crossed the Atlantic Ocean through a tunnel . . . underwater! It kinda gives me the heebie-geebies.

The Channel Tunnel exhibit at the National Railway Museum
in York, England showing the circular cross section of the tunnel
with the overhead line powering a Eurostar train. Also visible is
the segmented tunnel lining.

Upon our arrival in Paris, we waited an hour in a very long taxi queue and finally made it to our hotel around 4:00 pm. The desk clerk who checked us in was a beautiful young woman from Mexico City. I started chatting with her and asked her if she knew of any good Mexican food restaurants in Paris. She recommended a place about 35 minutes away (by subway) so we decided to try it. It was totally worth it! It hit the spot and the people there were very nice.

From the train on our way back to the hotel, we saw the Eiffel Tower all lit up! Wow! What a sight!  And . . . walking back to our hotel we saw the Arc de Triomphe at the west end of the Champs-Elysees. I took this shot with my cell phone because I did not have my camera with me.

Now, it’s bed-time. We have a busy day of touring tomorrow.

Au revoir et a demain . . . . Goodbye until tomorrow.

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