Notes on Choices, Part 1

One of the first and most important truths we should know about choices is that we all GET to make them.

The freedom to make choices for ourselves is a God-given right and He is extremely committed to that right. God is the ONLY being in all of creation who could justifiably CONTROL our decisions, and yet He refrains from doing so. He has carefully and clearly laid out a path for us to follow which will lead to blessing. And He has repeatedly warned of the path that leads to destruction. But in the end, He gives us absolute freedom to choose which path we will walk and He weeps when our choices lead to ruin. God places such a high premium on our freedom that He even shies away from forcing us to do things that would benefit us! He understands that we will never learn to love or respond to Him without that costly freedom.

Awareness of our power to choose and our responsibility for the outcome is the first step in understanding choices, decisions and discipline.
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