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Travel Excursions

Seeing the wonders of the world, walking the ancient paths of history, meeting new people, experiencing different cultures, and sharing it all with friends . . . this is my delight.


Weekly Classes & Dances

Studies have shown that dancing will keep your brain young! It improves long-term memory, helps maintain balance, and positively influences emotions.

Sounds good to me!  See you in class!


Events & Parties

Events bring people together for lots of different reasons.

Our passion is creating beautifully crafted, professionally organized events where friends and associates can enjoy their time together and be pleasantly surprised by the unexpected.


About Me

Someone recently asked me, ‘What exactly, do you do?’ I answered, ‘Whatever is in front of me’. ~ H. A.

H.A. has two prominent areas of gifting. One in organization. The other in creativity and design. Over the years she has used those gifts to create, manage and execute projects involving interior design, project management, graphic design, marketing, event planning, show production, writing, and travel planning. H.A. has an incredible eye for detail, tireless energy, the “big picture” ability of a director, the organization of a producer, and can multi-task like a professional juggler.

In her own words . . .

“Deciding to expand on some of the things I love to do, I recently started a new venture called ‘Elegant Occasions by H. A. Schiavone’. The business expanded in several directions and in my first year, I had the exciting opportunity to create and implement projects including a New Year’s Eve dinner show and count down party, a West Coast Swing training workshop with one of the top professionals in the industry, and a 3 week European group travel excursion. It was a very busy year! I love the sense of accomplishment I feel when I see a vision come to life and the joy it brings to our guests.”

What our customers say about us

As director of the Club Challenge Dance Competition, I had the opportunity to hold our annual “Finals” event at the Palm Springs New Year’s Dance Classic for many years. When H.A. came on-board, I was very impressed with the new decor and the organization she provided for the event. Her hosting ability and attention to detail is exceptional! A key person like H.A. provides such a great service for the event and the director.
I highly recommend her for your event.

I was very fortunate to go on the pre-cruise EXPANDED land tour of Italy with H.A. She did an excellent job planning and setting up our trip. From hotels to transportation to food; it was fantastic. One of the many highlights of the trip was visiting an organic winery in Tuscany where we had an exquisite lunch with wine pairings for each course.

I look forward to going on another trip with her. I highly recommend her planning skills.

Thanks, H.A.
H.A.’s attention and care for every little detail are unparalleled. She truly can make any event elegant with her vision, design, decor, and coordination. Most importantly, she truly loves and cares about her clients, guests, and her work. That genuine thoughtfulness is the biggest part of the amazing atmosphere she creates. She is also a complete joy to work with.

The events I have attended that had H.A.’s special touch on them were organized, elegant and fun. The table decorations at the 2018-19 Palm Springs New Year’s event – the program, the graphics – it was the most fun I’d had at New Year’s Eve! The ballroom was beautifully decorated from the beginning of the weekend, and I was so surprised when I walked into the ballroom on New Year’s Eve and discovered H.A.’s team had changed out all the centerpieces for the evening celebration! Such attention to detail! There was a very clever program using old movie lines and live action. It was very entertaining.

The name “Elegant Occasions” is a perfect description for H.A.’s business. Everything she does is elegant! Her attention to detail, careful planning, and the execution of the event itself is phenomenal! Her ideas are God-given downloads! She has high expectations and the end result is always amazing.

I have been attending the Palm Springs Summer and New Year’s Dance Camps for over 10 years. I noticed a drastic difference in the quality of everything about the events after H.A. became involved. She brought a level of class and attention to detail that elevated the events to an even higher level. While the events were always fun, with H.A.’s involvement suddenly the backdrops, decorations, flyers, etc. became beautiful and very professional.  I would highly recommend her events and services.

Traveling with H.A. Schiavone of Elegant Occasions is a godsend – seriously!
H.A. is inventive and effective, fun and funny, warm and inclusive, and man does she get stuff done for her peeps all over the world. A natural leader, she will make your trip or event delightful, delicious, and safe.

Can’t wait for her to lead my next adventure.

H.A. brings a new light, guidance and excitement to our WCS dance community. Watch, support, and embrace her.  She has proved she’s in it for the long haul.

Thank you to all who donated to H.A.’s GoFundMe campaign to support local area dance teachers! Just WOW! I’m speechless.

H.A. presented me with a check that moved me, warmed me, touched me, and made me feel connected on a level beyond dance. Your donations will help me survive these very challenging days ahead!

Thank you for making our wedding an enchanting evening we will never forget!

Love always, Adrienne & Paul

William and I had such a nice time at your event last Saturday. It was really fun. It was so nice to see our friends, make new ones, receive quality dance instruction from Larry and Bella, and take advantage of the great location and set-up you [and the team] provided. Thank you so much for keeping our dance community going despite the challenges of COVID.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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